Six o'Clock Gin

Is smooth, very smooth…

Smoother than velvet slippers on a marble floor.

6 O'clock Gin is a premium gin producing a smooth juniper flavour with a fine balance of botanicals including coriander, orange peel and elderflower. A London Dry Gin, the smooth clean taste is a direct result of our unique still, distiller's craft and the harmony of the botanicals.

The Still

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Kathleen is a 200L copper pot still.

Made to our specification with a unique 'double sphere' condenser the material and shape give the gin smoothness that is not possible with lesser equipment. Electrically heated, our solar array generates enough power to keep the distillation carbon neutral.

The Botanicals

  • Juniper


    Juniper berries are what gives gin its signature flavour, pine and citrus notes abound, plenty in 6 o’clock gin.

  • Coriander

    Coriander Seed

    European coriander seeds give a familiar flavour with citrus notes that complement juniper and add wood and richness.

  • Orange Peel

    Orange Peel

    Dried sweet orange peel brings mild marmalade characters and also some sweetness; a key part of our smoothness.

  • Angelica


    Angelica root provides an earthy flavour with a herbal bitterness not dissimilar to wormwood.

  • Winter Savory

    Winter Savory

    Winter savory is a Mediterranean herb from the same family as rosemary and thyme and brings green woody flavours and aromas.

  • Orris

    Orris Root

    Dried orris root powder gives a sweet violet scent to the gin and binds or fixes aromas of the other botanicals holding them into the gin.

  • Elderflower


    Elderflowers bring a gentle floral aroma with some freshness too.

how to serve

Every G&T fan has their ideal serve, here's ours:

Take a balloon glass and fill with ice. Pour a measure of 6 O'clock Gin over the ice and carefully splash two to three times as much fresh tonic over the top. A twisted lemon peel will bring out the citrus notes of the juniper and coriander.

Forget the mango slices rolled in pepper corns, no need for sprigs and hold the fruit salad; our gin does the talking.

how to serve

6 O'clock Gin has won many local, national and international awards since its launch in 2010, too many to list here.


The 6 o'Clock Range

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